Our Vision, Mission, Beliefs, Values and Guiding Principles

TechACCESS of RI was founded in 1991 with the intention of making “assistive technology” a part of everyone’s vocabulary.  From the beginning, the organization set a high standard for technology service delivery and for maintaining expert level competency with technologies.  Since our inception, we have been committed to finding real solutions that provide functional outcomes for the people we serve, to building and sustaining collaborations for program development and systems change activities, and to serving as a resource center for professional development and capacity building throughout the state.  The following information outlines Tech ACCESS’s Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles.


TechACCESS is dedicated to the principle that people of all ages and disabilities will have access to technologies and technology services to support their full participation in all aspects of life.


The mission of TechACCESS of RI is to promote and support the independence and achievement of people with disabilities through the use of technology.


TechACCESS of RI is committed to excellence and operates in accordance with the following beliefs, values and guiding principles:

TechACCESS of RI believes that technology is increasingly the key to education, employment, and participation in community life, and must be available to all people.

TechACCESS of RI believes that technology plays a critical role in the lives of people with disabilities, regardless of age or ability; all people should have access to technologies and services in a timely and equitable manner.

TechACCESS of RI believes in self-determination and a client-centered approach, in which people establish their own goals and direct the process of their attainment with the support of families, professionals and others.

TechACCESS of RI believes in a strong consumer involvement in the governance of its assistive technology programs and services.

TechACCESS of RI believes that collaboration is paramount in achieving timely and effective outcomes.

TechACCESS of RI values excellence and commits itself to maintaining high levels of expertise, using best practices as a standard, and abiding by professional ethics.

TechACCESS of RI recognizes and adheres to the principles of Universal Design and encourages the development and use of materials and products that meet this standard.